January 31, 2023


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‘Vikings’ Thorbjorn Herr Joins Gothenburg Nordic Film Market’s ‘Sex Dreams Love’

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Acclaimed Norwegian helmer Dag Johan Haugerud (“Beware of the Children”) has added actor Thorbjorn Haar (“Vikings,” “July 22”) in the title role, as well as Jan Gunnar Rhys (“Pornie,” “In Order of Disappearance”) in “Sex. “, along with “Dreams” and “Love”, is one of three films that are part of a trilogy about sex, desire and transgression.

The project is being produced by Yngve Sæther and Hege Hauff Hvattum for Motleys in collaboration with Viaplay and local theater distributor Arthaus.
“Sex Dreams Love” is running at the Nordic Film Market in parallel with the upcoming Gothenburg Film Festival, which runs Feb. 2-5.

Harr and Røise won the Norwegian Amanda Film Award for Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor respectively for Haugerud’s “Beware of Children,” which snagged the 2020 Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film in Gothenburg.

In “Sex,” set to begin shooting this spring, the actors play two colleagues who struggle with their sexuality in different ways. Inspired by Christoph Kieslowski’s “Three Colors Trilogy: Blue, White, Red,” “Sex Dreams Love” is a ground-breaking cinematic work in its artistic and financing structure, explains Yngvé Sether of Motleys, Hoggerud’s longtime producer.

“In line with Blue, White, Red, the trilogy consists of independent but thematically interconnected works, dealing with existential issues, but Dag Johan’s films will be light in tone, even funny in parts, making them accessible to a wider audience. . The three films will explore sexuality – from a queer angle, how we use our bodies, language, how we see ourselves in terms of gender, to understand what our innermost desires and dreams can be,” said the producer.

Sether says another ambition was to depict different parts of Oslo in different seasons, so that each film would benefit from reflecting on the other. Shot in the summer and fall of 2022, “Love” and “Dreams” are currently in the cutting room, with “Sex” due to kickstart in late April.

“Love” and “Dream” stars Andrea Brein Hovig (“Hope”) and Ella Overby, respectively, both in “Beware the Children.”

the dream
Credit: Mostlis/Agnet Brun

Sether, who budgeted about $4.1 million for the three-pick slate, said having Viaplay on board was critical to getting it off the ground. “We couldn’t have made it without them because it’s very rare to finance three movies at once. They loved the project from day one and came on board very quickly,” he noted.
Scandinavia’s leading streamer will launch a film trilogy in 2024, following the release of a movie and hopefully a festival platform to generate buzz.

In Norway, Arthaus has secured a 60-day exclusive holdback period and aims to release the first film “Sex” in February 2024.

A second Motley Fool feature project involving Viaplay and Arthouse in a split rights deal is Kaveh Tehrani’s comedy “Listen Up!” Starring BAFTA-nominated Asim Chowdhury (“People Just Do Nothing”) and newcomers Mohammad Ahmed and Liza Haider. The warm-hearted comedy co-written by Erlend Low (“The Answer”) and Nora Landsrod (“Stockholm Bloodbath”) is based on the best-selling novel by Gulrise Sharif.

“Listen!” The cinema is set for a September 2023 launch in Norway, followed by a premiere on streamer Viaplay.

One of Norway’s longest-running production companies, Motlis has produced some of the country’s most acclaimed films over the past four decades, including Joachim Trier’s ”Oslo,” August 31Saint.” “Louder Than A Bomb” and “Hope” by Maria Sodahl over NRK’s ​​soccer hit show “Home Ground”.

The prodcoty is behind one of Norway’s most anticipated series of the year: NRK’s ​​”Power Play,” from “Home Ground” writer Johan Fasting.

Ingve Sether and Dag Johan Hagarud
Credit: Lars Olav Dybvig / Fin-Serck Hansen

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