September 22, 2021


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Vince Camuto Greenwich Mansion set up for auction

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If the name “Chatto Ridge” means anything expensive, grandiose and secluded, because this Greek window estate is owned by Louis Camuto, the co-founder of Nine West and the widow of the famous shoe designer Vince Camuto. And it has been fixed at auction.

Surrounded by 23 acres of undeveloped and protected Fairfield County wood, the exclusive Round Hill Enclave features an apple tree-lined cobblestone drive on a 4.6-acre gated ground that leads to a harmonious European-style forest. The fantastic spread has been on and off the market since 2017 and the maximum price was $ 25 million. Probably higher than the GDP of a small Eastern European country, Camuto has taken the somewhat unusual step of auctioning houses on “no reserve” terms, which means it is not at its bottom. Whatever the highest bid on the day of the auction – even if it is significantly lower than the previous bid – what will he take.

Before shaking the auction block with the dream of owning a Ratiji Mansion, one of the most famous and expensive communities in America, there are a few things to know. The annual bill is staggering $ 130,709.35, and the 1 is, 300 square foot manor house, originally built in 19227, has ample formal gardens for ample maintenance without mentioning the ongoing and costly maintenance.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the property – which the property bought as a ruined sound in the 80s before it was rebuilt in a five-year-long process – comes fully furnished, antiques and everything. While this may be a bit of a concern for contemporary sensitivities, the historic historical details of the mansion and the finish are the result of the hard work of a team of skilled craftsmen. The great room has a ceiling that rises to a 40-foot baronial with a custom night sky-style fresco. A private study from a French monastery with wood carvings, limestone fireplaces and leaded glass windows combine anti-war attitudes before World War II. Beneath the stone arches is a resort-style pool that creates a private grotto and enhances French aesthetics, including a clay tennis court with a two-story courtside tennis house. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want a tennis house?

Cassierz Auctions, in collaboration with Shelley Trater Lynch and Kimberly Johnson of Compass, will present the property to potential bidders worldwide on August 12-15 through the firm’s Digital Marketplace,

Vince Camuto, who died of cancer in 2015, is a legendary designer and businessman who makes affordable shoes by appealing to the public. In the late 1990s, he sold Nine West to the Jones Apparel Group for about 900 900 million before launching a naming line of footwear. He is a former singer and reality TV presenter. The star worked with Jessica Simpson, bought a master license for her brand, and at the time of her death oversaw the expansion into the 1 billion company. He was licensed for Lucky Brand Jeans, Banana Republic and many more.

Avid will recall high-end real estate observer Luis Camuto recalling another of his properties in 2018, H will sell a huge Hamptons estate for 49 49 million, not half of its original, pie-in-the-sky, worth 100 million. Camutos originally bought the Watermill Estate for y 35 million in 2003 for Am 35 million at the Center for the Order of St. Dominic of Mtville, which has owned it since 1913. The expanded estate was later split and sold to two separate buyers in two separate transactions, with the larger stakeholder re-listing its 36 36 million purchase as well as buying 72 72 million.

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