October 16, 2021


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Vogue Touts 2021 Met Gala Livestream View Record

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The Met Gala of 2021 may not be the first Monday in May, but glamorous fundraisers must remember the record-breaking digital engagement around the event.

Vogue is simultaneously the rear engine and the primary beneficiary of the massive spectator attention for this year’s event যা which was postponed until September 13 after being canceled in 2020 due to the Covid-1 pandemic epidemic. The magazine reported that nearly 15 million viewers watched the exclusive red carpet live stream presented by guest KK Palmer and Ilana Glazer for Vogue.com and the magazine’s Twitter account. This image – which includes all global views of the video, live on and VOD, and across Twitter and O&O – has a total of 54 million minutes of content viewed. Vogue Met content has received over 200 million views across all social platforms.

The Met Gala – considered to be the biggest night of fashion – always attracts a large audience, but why is it so popular this year at pop culture zeitgeist?

“It’s weird to say that the Met Ball was having a good time this year,” said Anna Wintore, Vogue’s global editorial director and U.S. editor-in-chief and chief content officer at Condে Nast. Diversity In a statement. “But after all the careful planning and caution the parties, I think there was a special feeling of celebration. And our livestream has captured it for viewers around the world.

As the longtime architect behind the Met Gala, Wintur worked with Tom Ford and Adam Mosari of Instagram as an honorary chair for the event. Timothy Chalamet, Billy Ilish, Amanda Gorman and Naomi Osaka co-chaired the relationship, which pays homage to American fashion.

“What a great way to contribute to the creativity and positivity of the American fashion community,” Wintore added. “I would like to thank the teams at Vogue, Condে Nast Entertainment and Met for their hard work. I am very proud of what they have done. ”

Especially for enjoyment, one of the topics in their strategy for covering the Met Gala was a big innovation. The company has hired Palmer and Glazer for the official livestream (YouTube superstar Emma Chamberlain to work in a separate red carpet position), but has also invested heavily in creating exclusive content with other guests at the event. Getting ready for their appearance or event with Ocasio-Cortez, Cara Delevingne, Grimes, Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

“Vogue’s Met Gala coverage has never been offered before, the original video content lasts until nightfall, covering the event itself and creating an ongoing cultural impact around the world,” added Agnes Chu, president of Condে Nast Entertainment, noting that the audience was particularly busy And influenced by the presence of stars. This strategy will be repeated after the party at the 2022 Academy Awards at the Super Bowl (including GQ) and Vanity Fair.

Chu added, “This is proof of the impact of our brand on Condডে Nast – that we create an exceptional storytelling ecosystem, wherever our audience meets.”

As far as the post-event landscape goes, the days after the party the Internet Met Gala was awake in social moments সহ including a viral photo of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, as well as an interview with Chalmet and Palmer, pictured above, where viewers analyzed the pair’s chemistry.

And if memes seem to have become more prevalent than usual, Vogue notes that the numbers of their own social engagements have increased significantly over the years. For example, an Instagram reel posted on Gigi Hadid’s Vogue account and Kendall Jenner’s red-carpet mix received 30 million views, almost three times the previous record holder’s (11 million) views. Also, in the first of Condে Nast Entertainment, the brand had multiple videos simultaneously trending a title on YouTube.

And it wasn’t just the enjoyment that saw the great excitement from the Met Gala: Of diversity Event coverage has brought millions of video views to social channels.

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