January 31, 2023


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Vox co-founder Ezra Klein and top editor Lauren Williams are leaving

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Vox Media’s flagship news site Vox is losing its top two editorial edits.

Co-founder and editor-in-chief Ezra Klein is set to join the New York Times ’opinion section. Editor-in-Chief and SVP Lauren Williams will depart to launch Capital B, a local and national nonprofit news agency serving black audiences.

Klein said he would join the Times in January, where he would write a column on public policy and host a podcast for the Gray Lady.

“After about eight amazing years of building, editing and working at @vox.com, I’m going to join.
Klein wrote in a Twitter thread, @writing a reported column on neurophysiology, policy and policymaking processes and hosting an interview podcast.

“For me, I went back to Wankblog and have been managing and building for over a decade now. Klein writes, but I feel the urge this year to go back to reporting, writing and podcasting every year.” I can, that’s a dream come true. “

Klein noted that he and Williams have been leading the Vox Newsroom for “a year” and that “for our own reasons, the election seemed to be the right time for us to move, and we have opened the door to do what others have done.” : Move in new directions and create something we can’t even imagine. “

Williams, who joined Vox in 2014 and was promoted to EC in 2017, will leave in February 2021. He plans to launch Capital B in the middle of 2012 with his friend Akoto Ofuri-Atta, Son Music’s “My Editor and Co-Host – 90’s Playlist.”

“The most rewarding thing I have done today to help Vox create +++ years is the most rewarding thing in my career. I love Vox, and I love my team, “Williams wrote on Twitter.” Only one thing can force me to leave: the opportunity to create something I’ve dreamed of for decades.

In addition to supervising Vox.com’s editorial, Williams “watched” his YouTube channel, more than a dozen podcasts and the Netflix franchise’s “Anchored Vox” TV force. He also manages the business activities of Vox.com. Prior to joining Vox, Williams worked for Mother Jones and The Root.com.

Klein, before co-founder Vox, which debuted in 2014, was a columnist and editor for the Washington Post, a policy analyst at MSNBC and an associate of Bloomberg. He has written for New Yorker and New York Review books and has appeared on TV shows, including “Face the Nation,” “Real Time with Bill Meher,” and “The Daily Show.”

In a note addressed to staff, Melissa Bell, co-founder and publisher of Vox, said the site would fulfill at least 10 important roles in the next few months. “We’ve launched an extensive search for new leaders to fulfill Lauren’s responsibilities, which we’re splitting into two roles: a senior vice president, focused on Vox’s business and editor-in-chief for the editorial establishment. Vision for Vox,” he wrote. It also expects to hire a staff member to support its contribution program, through which the site solicits grants from readers to “support Vox’s explanatory journalism”; Bell said “in 2020 we have had one of the biggest – and most successful – tests.”

According to Bell, next year Vox plans to launch more original programming on its top video channels and “you’ll see our television ambitions grow with partners including Netflix and YouTube Originals, as well as HBO”. There are.

“We started Vox the first year, we talked about creating something that would spread to all of us – an organization of enduring values, an organization that would make its own contribution to the industry that would grow beyond our imagination, that would create a culture. Which can create dreams that we can’t dream of, ”Bell said in the memo.“ Thanks a bit for the work of Lauren and Ezra, it happened and it still continues. We are proud of what Vox is and can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

Last year, Vox Media acquired New York Media in an all-stock deal designed to help both media outlets achieve coordination and scale. Vox Media, which lost revenue with the COVID epidemic, lost 7% of its staff this summer.

In addition to Vox, New York-based company brands include New York Magazine, SB Nation, The Verge, Vulture, Polygon, Eater, The Cut and Recode.

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