September 22, 2021


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Wang Kor-Yi plans to revive the Hong Kong film industry

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Renowned filmmakers Wang Kar-wai, Peter Chan Ho-san and Derek Ye are among the top directors who have pledged to pass on their skills and experience to the younger generation. They are part of a government-funded $ 12.9 million (HK $ 100 million) initiative to boost Hong Kong’s film industry after losses from the coronavirus epidemic and ongoing political turmoil.

Under the New Directors Success Project, funded by the Hong Kong Film Development Fund, each director, Gordon Chan and partner Mabel Cheung and Alex Law will work with one or two young filmmakers to make a film that uses 1.2 million (HK $ 9 million). ) Government subsidy. About 10 to 12 projects are expected to be implemented in this way.

The সোমবার 33.5 million (HK $ 2 million million) project is part of a total of five projects on Monday. Commerce Secretary Edward Yau said local film production and investment had shrunk compared to last year, plagued by the COVID-19 epidemic and protests that began last June.

Movies were closed for six weeks from March to mid-May, and the region’s box office receipts fell by more than 0% in the first half of 2020. Combined with six months of political protests, the box office also fell 10% in the second half of 2019

One scriptwriting incubation program) has allocated more than 1.05 million (HK ation 8 million) which is expected to produce 40 screenplays. The government will increase their funding for projects through the Film Production Financing Scheme, which will help investors co-finance projects to recoup their investments first. It will also release its funds earlier, bringing the total to about চলচ্চিত্র 12.9 million (100 100 million) for more than 10 film productions.

Guilds will be funded to organize training programs for other industry practitioners. And this is now the sixth edition to encourage the production budgets of award-winning projects under the First Feature Film Initiative.

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