September 22, 2021


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Wants to make music business independent: Steve Stuart

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During the panel on Friday (July 17), Steve Stuart shared a few powerful things about Drake. The two-day Virtual Silicon Conference features conversations with key players in the fields of entrepreneurship, music marketing, sports, personal financing and other music industry topics.

Stuart is an entrepreneur and author who previously worked at Sony Music and Interscope Jeffen A&M before creating his own marketing agency, translation and music distribution platform United Masters. Her biography includes Nass, producing an album for Maria Carey, working with Jane Stephanie and Enrique Iglesias, and starring Eminem, executive of the 2002 Academy Award-winning film “6 Miles” and soundtrack.

A conference is debated throughout the conference: whether to sign a (major) label or stand out. While there are many advantages and disadvantages, the one that can be most agreed upon by an artist is when an artist is in a position to own his own, it is the most profitable situation for the creator. The issue of shutting down the two-day convocation came up during an interview with rapper Rush on the banner “Freedom: A Conversation with Steve Steve + Russia”.

Rush, as Diversity As reported last week, Columbia Records recently completed its contract and is celebrating its newfound independence as an independent artist.

During the panel, Rush wrote a blueprint of what might happen if the cash-signed Drake became distinct through Republic Records, owned by Universal Music Group. “If you think Drake is completely unique right now … if Drake posts a picture in the village of his new album, links to the bio -” new album “- and he’s completely independent, Drake will make 10 million a week for 60 weeks Will earn. “

Stuart then interjected: “As I said before, Drake is going to be out in the next six months, Drake is going to get the biggest bag in the history of the music business so far. Both A and B don’t want that. Since that day happens, they might close the business.” “

Rush made a statement about whether Drake should go, “It’ll fall apart.”

Stuart Second: “If Drake becomes individual, then the music business ends. If Drake becomes independent, then the music business ends.”

Rush then maths out loud: “Uploading a digital distributor’s ‘s voice plan’ no matter what the cost: কম 10 less than a dollar, isn’t it? Well, pay for the bet – K 10K, $ 20K, 30K, $ 40K, F – whatever – and to be mixed: four racks. So you’re all, K 50K on top. With this song, you own it forever and get a weekly salary on it, you get weekly from this song. “It’s making a million dollars. It’s different. If Drake becomes unique, this whole industry will be turned upside down. That’s why I’m independent, I keep music separate. I’m building the whole industry up.”

Drake recently released two new tracks with DJ Khaled: “Popstar” and “Greece”.

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