February 5, 2023


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War on Drugs Frontman talks about live LP and remixing of Rolling Stones

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Work is underway on “A Deeper Understanding” in the 2017 War on Drugs war, which won the best rock album Grammy, the band is releasing their first live album, aptly titled “Live Drugs”. The 10-track project today released Bandleader Adam Granduchill’s Super High Quality Records Impressions and will be accompanied by a four-episode podcast about its genesis, launched on November 23rd.

Grandusiel says he always wanted to make a live record, and sat down with more than a dozen tracks from a two-year worldwide “deep understanding” tour mixed by longtime collaborator John Lowe in the summer of 2019 but the plan was to release them at least by 2022. Wait, because “I realized we’d do one more record and another cycle and then be able to pull from five or six records of valuable content,” says Grandusiel. Different.

In fact, before the Cavid-19 epidemic, the band aimed to finish their next studio project by April when it proved impossible, Grandchill returned to Live Mix for the first time in eight months and moved the project to the front burner instead of “Lockdown and All Uncertainty”. It just became clear that what I was hearing was his own statement about the trajectory of the six of us, these songs and the program was developed, “he said, comparing the moment to his experience listening to Bruce Springsteen’s famous” Live 1975-85 “boxed set. Quality. “I just wanted to be able to make an amazing statement about what we did together at that time.”

The music is best experienced as the record of the war on drugs is deeply satisfied, when the songs expand, grow and become something very different in the hands of singer / guitarist Granduel, bassist Dave Hartley, drummer Charlie Hall, keyboardist Robbie when Anthony La Marca and John Nachez Bennett And the multi-instrumentalist ists “Live Drugs” is grumbling with this excitement, with a moment in the show-stopping “moment of pressure” when 30,000-strong London festival listeners begin to sing with lead guitar riffs like a soccer mantra. The “Live Drugs” version of the “Buenos Aires Beach” vintage is taken from the same show. “We walked from the stage, man, it was like, like one all the time!” Grandusiel speaks of that evening.

Beyond the final version of drug staples such as “An Ocean in the Waves,” “Red Eyes,” and “Thinking of a Place,” the album is highlighted by a cover of Warren Javan’s “Accidentally a Martyr,” which was included in Grandussel because “It’s Among Us.” One of the six that developed together. What everyone was able to do was truly great. I like to sing it, because maybe someone outside thinks I wrote it, which… I should be very lucky.

“Especially on the ‘deep understanding’ cycle, it was really satisfying for me to see each member of the band come out with their own identity,” he said. “Not only is the music remarkably good, but everyone has an investment. I think it really comes across our show. For me, it was the most enjoyable part of the whole thing.

Grandusiel co-produced and collaborated with longtime road crew member Dominic East on “Live Drugs” and artwork, which deliberately focused on the release of new orders and factory records, as well as a subtle gloss on the cover of REM “Green” West, Grandusiel said. He has such a rich knowledge of reference points.He has such a rich knowledge of our program too.He remembers everything like the guitar I played or if I flop a single and he remembers everything.He just runs the show.He must be running my show. “

As soon as “Live Drugs” is completed, Granduchil continues to tweet his next studio album, which he wants to finish in the next few months. So far, he says he has five songs that have been done very nicely and has five or six more songs that have become very close. I don’t really know how to classify it, but the thing that I’ve finished, I’m in it. Look for the album to include Grandusiel preview songs on Instagram Live last spring, with guest voices from Lucias, including synth-forward “Dream of Harmonia”, as well as “Ocean of Darkness,” “Living Proof” and “I Don’t Live Here anymore.” “Some songs don’t have a ton of guitars. It’s a little closer in some ways to how I did it [the 2011 sophomore album] “Slave Ambient,” with things built separately, “he reported.

One thing about the album, however, is not the “quarantine album”, as Granduchill admits he probably hasn’t written anything new in a year. I’ve had a lot of music over the last few years that I’ve been working on and refining. But I’m not inspired to create new things right now. “

Grandusiel added that the fight against drugs will not wait until the album is released until they can safely travel in support of it. “Of course, you don’t want to block music from your fans,” he says. “But you also want to make sure that if it’s something that you’ve really worked hard for, you can create it at a time where everyone can enjoy it together. I don’t know the schedule. I don’t want to work on it for another year. Once the music is done, we’ll decide what the best plan is. “

For now, there’s another interesting piece of music related to drugs, in the form of a GrandXL remix of the 1973 “Goat’s Head Soup” song “Scarlett” with the Jimmy Page of the Rolling Stones, a recent deluxe recipe. Grandusiel thought his first mix was a record company-driven promotional idea and would have no creative involvement with the Stones, but was shocked to receive a thumb-up phone call from Mick Jagger, who liked the mix so much that he recorded a new vocals for the outroup. Like the song, the 45-year-old, and the boy is still respecting anything that can bring it about. He’s still searching for music, “he says.” I’ve learned more from talking to him for a while than I could have imagined. “

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