March 29, 2023


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Watch Pearl Jam – Give a Scene Behind the Scenes ‘Reflective’ video – Variety

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Pearl Jam has unveiled the behind-the-scenes stylish cover of making abstract music videos to pick their single “reaction”.

Released on May 14th, the music video brings to the fore the issue of climate change, revealing the gloomy future of the world through her crystal ball to activist Greta Thanberg to speak of the future. Furthermore, the stills were painted by themselves so that they look like they were painted which gives the song and video a special artistic feel.

In the two-minute clip, Amy-winning director Josh Walkley describes what happened during the coronavirus epidemic and what the video is about animated. “We had a great animator in Vancouver, Los Angeles, London. Zoom worked digitally to create this video about the most pressing issue of our time,” he said in the video.

Images from the original storyboard are just posed next to the video steel and next to their final “painted” versions, showing how Weckley’s vision came to life. To create some animations, Weckley and the illustrators also used green screens and compositing technology.

Wakely’s video further reveals that Greta Thanberg was not actually on the scene, as another model is shown in the live shot. Duplicates of Thunberg were replicated in post-production, using existing images of a 17-year-old climate change worker.

In a previous interview with Diversity, Wekeley said Thanberg was the only person to be seen in the role of fortune-teller, so he was honored to have his permission.

“He never had to play a frame, but he did deliver the emotion I was looking for,” Wakely said. Diversity. “It was a wonderful thrill to see the email in my inbox and let him know he liked it.”

Overall, Wakelly hopes the “response” video could serve as a call-to-action to get serious about climate change.

“The view I am presenting is about a world devastated by climate change – a way to sound the alarm about the consequences of my inaction,” Weekly said in a statement. “I sincerely hope this video serves as a reminder that this will take much longer than ordinary love.”

See “Response” below.

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