September 22, 2021


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Watch the semi-autobiographical anime video of the weekend for ‘Snowchild’

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Videos from the series from The Winter’s blockbuster album “After Hour” continue with “Snowchild” receiving a semi-autobiographical animated treatment from D’Art Shatajio Studios, the first black-owned Japanese animation studio in Japan.

For fans, the Easter egg clip begins with her hanging-nose character “After Hours” in the desert, then quickly goes to her hometown of Toronto on the weekend to follow her song “Dead Streets” and follows her friends and a room full of balloons. (Got it?). Things will get a little more interesting then and reminiscent of the initial story of the first “a few hours later” videos – there are light-saber fights, cougar (literally cougar) and sexy female characters who make it seem evil – he loses before he’s alone in the desert. Walking towards Vegas, where he confronts himself – wearing a decorated nose character costume.

Weekend has been on an animated kick in recent months, as he will appear on Sunday (July 26) in season 10 of “Robot Chicken” – his second appearance as a voice actor this year, after playing his character “American Father!” Episodes earlier this year, which he co-authored. He spoke to Diversity About his presence during the spring, and with us “hours later”, we talked at length about his life and his career in our April cover story.

Weekend has also made large donations to charities this year, including 10 10 million for coronavirus relief work (িকে 500,000 to Musikers and Scanborough Health Network’s first-line hospital staff, where he raised the hospital network) Learn about your rights camp legal defense initiative to Kalin Copernicus and with a সহ 100,000 National Bail Out (including a grant)

Check out “Snowchild” below:

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