September 18, 2021


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Weekend Debits new song, performed with Doza Kat at the Tiktok event

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The weekend took Tiktok viewers to another level – and presented them with a snippet of a new song – during the “Weekend Experience” on an integrated reality, interactive livestream, held on the platform on Friday night (Aug. August).

The music industry is currently engulfed with a number of streaming events and performances, with Republic Records and Wave joining Scooter Brown’s virtual concert সূ the weekend’s record label XO আশ hoping to give viewers a truly unique experience. Advertised by TickTock as a “first-of-its-kind cross-reality experience,” the 20-minute performance features state-of-the-art three-dimensional visuals and a number of interactive elements that enable viewers to influence more than 230,000 specific results.

The result was an exciting, immersive experience that failed to evoke many virtual events. Although the performance was short – there were only five songs – it was interesting enough to keep the audience satisfied and fascinated in a world like Fire, Future, Hell.

Weekend appeared on the virtual stage in the form of an avatar, evoked by a blazing glow, sporting oversized sunglasses and a red jacket that became synonymous with his latest album “After Hours”. The three-dimensional meteor fell around him as a synthetic bit of “Pray for Me” revealing his collaboration with the central lamer for the “Black Panther Soundtrack”. As the song played, a prompt appeared to complete the chat in the audience’s comments, and a select few were chosen to illuminate the dark sky in contrast to a city sky line.

Fans were then treated to a 30-second snippet of an untitled new song reminiscent of his previous, more stripped-down projects. However, the audience was soon distracted by a new prompt, asking if The Weekend should suddenly lick a frog present in his hand. (For those unfamiliar, Todd’s venom has psychological properties that make it enchanting)) Naturally, the unanimous “yes”, and the chat is complete according to The Weekend’s avatar. While the stream seems to be running smoothly for most, a number of tick users have complained that the app Crash Due to the huge number of people trying to vote on the question of frogs.

The Todd trip is exactly divided into “blinding lights”, with the weekend dance challenge hitting The Weekend’s Smash to make the ticket more famous. More fan comments were plastered on billboards surrounding the singer as back-up dancers appeared behind The Weekend and performed the challenge. The 3D visuals worked effectively as the weekend traveled through a red convertible hyperspace, surrounded by linear lasers illuminating the virtual world around it.

The break from the performance gives the audience time to choose the theme for the next song: “Fire” or “Spark”. When the winner was revealed as “Spark”, the weekend avatar was struck by an electric rod that turned his glasses from red to blue and the earth turned from a burning hole into an electric sea as it began to ring “in your eyes”. When it came time for fellow Tic Tac Toe hit maker Doza Kat’s verse, she appeared in virtual form wearing a cat costume from head to toe.

“Save your tears” is the last song of the experience and a quick viewer commented on the chat asking for help to “explode Windows” as well as a sudden stop lt after zooming into the convertible space again, the car came to a stop and was suspended in mid-air. , Not found anywhere on the weekends. Instead, a larger-than-life version of the singer appeared to replace the avatar, and the city looked to the currents at the end of the movie.

Tickets for the “Weekend Experience” will be replayed for international viewers over the weekend, airing on August 8 at 9pm PT (@tiktok.southfrica and @tiktokman_live); August 9, PT (@tiktok_malaysia and @tiktokSG) until 5 a.m., PT (@tiktok_russia) at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. PT (TheoChend); And August 10 at 4 a.m. PT (@titik_japan).

The exclusive merchandise with the event is also available on The Weekend’s website, with all proceeds benefiting the Equal Justice initiative.

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