March 25, 2023


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Weekend, Doza Cat, Lady Gaga – different

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Welcome Diversity For the second time in the music, Friday 5, our collection of the best, most notable or simply notable new songs of the past week. It’s not a complete or final fight or a battle to the death, “the best”, but a bunch of songs that seem interesting to us – because a world without five interesting new songs every week would be a truly sad world (read here last week’s Fri 5 here))

Of course, the blockbuster of the week is Lady Gaga-Ariana Grande’s group “Rain on Me” – which we reviewed after it went down last night (but only the video below) as we did the 1975 epic and excellent latest album, “Conditional Form Notes” . “

Here are five that we haven’t already reviewed:

Doza Cat Featured Weekend “In Your Eyes” remix Despite her solo-musical-wolf image, The Weekend is actually a serial collaborator who has worked with everyone from Beyonc এবং and Daft Punk to Ariana Grande and Travis Scott. Literally – pushing Dr. Luke-Helmed No. 1 into his mix to “say so”, add an uplifting doza cat to it. Weekend episodes from his hit album “Hours After” featured in this highlight are usually the same as the original version, Doza brings a whole new angle to the song, bringing the song and rapping parts almost a new song into the song. (And while you were at it, check out our weekend cover story from last week))

Deadmau 5 and Neptune “Pomegranate” As Ferrer Williams has come a long way as an artist and celebrity, it is sometimes easy to forget that the lyricist-production duo with Chad Hugo put him on the map initially with Kellis, J-Z, Clips and Hit. Many more – an ongoing concern (and the lyricists are being inducted into the Hall of Fame). While this new collaboration with dance-music Titan Deadmau 5 includes the trademark Squiggly Neptune Hook, it actually recalls Farrell’s work with Daft Punk, especially “Lose Yourself in Dance.” Become the same kind of memory for our epidemic summer.

“Now I don’t hate California at all,” said Carly Roy Jepsen. As he did shortly after revealing his artistic success, 2015’s “Emotions”, indie pop darling Carly Roy Jepson once again emptied his draft folder with an album-length selection of outlets from last year’s LP “Dedicated” and listeners might ask them again. : “How it happened This Not an album? ”Quarantine for Jepsen’s brand of Wistley-Dance-Alone-Your-Bedroom Jam and new songs like“ This Love Is Not Crazy ”and“ Feel That Way ”fit the bill perfectly – but the most unchanging track is the place near its weird duck, “Now I don’t hate California above all.” A love letter to the Canadian singer’s adopted home state, the song replaces Jepsen’s usual flashy synths for waves, bubbly merrimbas and even a somewhat fake Hawaiian steel guitar for a rock-melted sand of empire music. – Andrew Barker

Express “power” The British brothers of the release have been low on the radar for the past few years, but they are returning with a new album “Energy” in late August – which is ahead of the title track this week. If the song’s voice sounds familiar to fans, it should be: it combines a rhythm with promotional Eric Thomas’ cut-up samples from an album of Brazilian library music, the lyrics of which were released in a disclosure breakthrough song commemorating the 2013 “When Fire Begins” Star To burn. ” “Look, your energy flows wherever your attention goes,” says Thomas Song. “Are you listening to me?” Well what are you doing

Phoebe Bridgers “I’m Seeing You” This famous young singer-songwriter has always been seen in recent months, not only with his own songs – his great sophisticated album “Punisher” coming June 19 – but with Boyer (his supergroup with Lucy Dacas and Julien Baker), his best forgotten community center project Connor Obrest and he are on the new 1975 album that still falls today. The song, the second of his “Punisher”, burns slower than the top single “Kyoto” but bursts into technical glory in about two minutes on the line, “I don’t know what I do / until I make it up.

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