February 2, 2023


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Weekend Light Up American Music Awards Performance

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The weekend literally ignited Los Angeles with its American Music Awards performance, setting a new standard for how creative-social-distance-with-respect-honor shows.

Playing the pyro burden medal of “Save Your Eyes” and “Save Your Tears”, superstar sexist Kenny G – who starred in the song’s remix – began acting with the single before performing the remix of the song after dressing up as Red-Favorite, his latest blockbuster album. Hours later “featured nose character in artwork, video and TV appearances around.

“The Weekend” in “SNL,” “Jimmy Kimmel” and other TV spots brought the character and the story to those shows and tried to break down the fourth wall of the proverb – and continued with this performance: rather than just bandaging his nose, as in most of those spots. Yes, his whole head was bandaged for it, which created some confusion on social media from fans, who did not fully follow the fully developed surreal story who videos (go here and here and here for more information on everything))


One Twitter fan must have known the backstory: On Twitter Tweeted, “Will the weekend go full body when we get to Grammys ??”

You didn’t need to know the story to be dazzled by the play’s performance: After Kenny G’s inclusion, the camera was running over a bridge across the Los Angeles River over the weekend, with fireworks and pyrotechnics exploding. It was a masterpiece of timing, camera work, and superfluous pyrotechnic skills: even if they had gotten the performance together, it would have cost Pyro about five minutes on the fourth of July.

He also had a bandage when he received his award for best R&B album, at which time he remembered receiving the award for the last time from Prince and dedicated this new award to him.

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