September 20, 2021


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Weekend slammed Grammy again

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The weekend, which began on social media on Tuesday night, posted a statement on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon about the shocking closure of the Grammy nominations in the year he had dominated:

“Planning a performance for the week not to be invited collaboratively? I think zero nominations = you weren’t invited!”

What the formulas mean Different, The following:

Along with most of the world, The Weekend team and Grammy organizers assumed he would be nominated as one of the best of the year and was in the forefront of discussions about his performance on the show. However, when the discussion was given to him as a halftime spot in the Super Bowl, which took place a week after Grammys, the talks closed.

Sources say the discussion became controversial and protracted, but it was finally agreed that he would be able to perform on both shows – only on Tuesday morning, along with other parts of the world, to know that he had not received any nominations.

Not surprisingly, after weeks of laborious and questionably costly (considering the attorneys were probably involved) discussions, the group’s response was furious: “Are you kidding me?”, And it was suspected that the move was retaliatory. It was kind of. However, this theory is complicated by the fact that sources say that both parties came to an agreement and that The Weekend will attract many viewers to the show for sure, so there is no real purpose for the recording academy to do something like this.

However, The Weekend and his team went on social media late Tuesday night, calling Grammy “corrupt” and demanding transparency. It received a more detailed response from Grammy Chief Harvey Mason, Jr., asking a bigger question than he had before. Different Monday on the subject.

“We understand that Weekend is disappointed not to be nominated,” he continued. “I was amazed and can bear what he is feeling. His music was great this year and his contribution to the music community and the world at large is commendable. When we found out he was performing in the upcoming Super Bowl and we wanted to perform on the Grammy stage before the weekend.

“Unfortunately, every year, less nominations are received than the number of qualified artists. But as the only peer-voted music award, we will continue to recognize and celebrate excellence in music as we focus on the many amazing artists who have created a global community. Clearly, voting in all categories ended well before the announcement of the weekend’s performance in the Super Bowl, so in no way could it affect the nomination process. “

Which basically says that the nomination and the event are not connected – a position backed by the fact that there is nothing to win without the villagers performing on the weekends.

But it still raises the question of how perhaps the most commercial and critically successful artist of the year could have been completely ignored by the entire Grammy-nominated organization. The growing attention around the issue only sheds more light on this question.

In an interview with Different On Monday, Mason came to the side of the Grammy nomination process, even in light of any such mistakes.

“I don’t think it calls it into question, to be honest.” He said. “There is a process so we can continue to monitor excellence. I had a” core room “this year [which decides the Big Four] And I’ve observed, and the people that were in it were music professionals – they’re great, at the top of their craft in composing and producing songs, and there are a lot of artists. They listened critically to every song that came across their desk – or virtual desk – so I don’t think it shows any error in the process. “

Earlier on Friday, Elton John measured via Instagram that “Blinding Lights” was the best song and record of the year, adding that he added “# GrammySnub”

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