March 29, 2023


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West End Musicals ‘Les Miscibles,’ ‘Hamilton’ Will Not Return Until 2021 – Variety

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“Les Miserables” and “Hamilton” musical instruments will not return to the West End until 2021, producer Cameron McIntosh has confirmed.

The British producer – who predicted in early May that major musical instruments across London’s theater district could fall on ice by the New Year – revealed on Wednesday that four of his productions would be delayed until 2021’s “advance of reality” through the firm Delfont Macintosh Productions. Coronavirus due to the effects of the epidemic.

“Les Miserables” and “Hamilton”, “Mary Poppins” and “The Phantom of the Opera” (pictured) have also been suspended. Delfont McIntosh noted, “Continued uncertainty when the government is about to completely withdraw social distance measures.”

As a result of the suspended shows, the firm has begun a consultation process about possible layoffs for all employees in the four productions.

McIntosh, one of the leading voices in the UK theater, said delaying the return of the show was a “heartbreaking” decision.

“Despite the government’s relentless appeal from everyone in the theater industry, there has been no real practical support outside of the offer to go into, which I don’t want to do,” McIntosh said.

“When the impossible barriers of social distance are removed, their inability to speak makes it equally impossible for us to properly plan for the new future, whatever it may be. This has forced me to take drastic steps to keep my business afloat and enable my shows and theaters to reopen next year when we are allowed to. “

The experienced producer insisted that he had no investor or venture capital support. “Everything is financed by me personally and there are already substantial archives of my companies everywhere that have been greatly reduced as a result of the complete closure of our industry,” McIntosh said.

“Everything I’ve made comes from the theater, and everything I’ve done goes back to these great historic buildings that I’ve lovingly restored, and the visually stunning productions I’ve made will be tip-top wherever I play in the world – so my theater Being one of the largest employers, ”said McIntosh.

Referring to the billions of pounds of income earned by commercial theaters, McIntosh claimed that “the government will take steps to ensure that this invaluable asset helps the British people to survive from their superiority.” London cannot properly reopen as one of the best cities in the world if our theaters do not burn with life. “

Although cinemas have been able to reopen since 4 July as directed by the UK government, the current two-meter social distance guide has made it impossible for theaters to produce and even break. Images like “1917” director Sam Mendes are cabineting the government to provide a rescue package to save the sector.

A new report commissioned by the Creative Industries Federation predicts that theater jobs will shrink by 1%, losing up to revenue0% and losing ৮ 3 billion (৮ 3.6 billion) in revenue.

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