September 18, 2021


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WGA West leaders have touted the agency deal

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Leaders of the Writers Guild of America West have highlighted the benefits of their campaigns to rebuild how agencies represent their members.

The WGA West Board of Directors informed its 10,000 members in a message on Tuesday evening that the main goal of the agency’s publicity was to provide timely information to agencies to assist in the implementation of late pay and free work violations. Another goal is to increase the guild’s compensation and other employment trend analysis.

“Franchised agencies are now sharing information with the Guild on invoices, contract memos, contracts, and author compensation and commissions,” the message said. “As of July 31, the Guild has received about 700 deal memos and long-form contracts and 1,100 invoices.”

More than 80 companies are now allowed to represent WGA members due to agency packaging fees and restrictions on the determination of approved products. On April 13, 2016, WGA members were asked by WGA West President David Goodman to dismiss their agents if they did not agree to a ban on packaging fees and the production of approved products.

Abrams artist (currently A3), Rothman breaker Erich Livingston, Verve, Kaplan Stahler and Butchwald – a number of mid-sized agencies – have signed deals with the WGA in the months following the allegations. Paradigm signed an agreement four months ago. The CAA, UTA and WME have filed lawsuits against the WGA and consolidated their unfaithful lawsuits against the guild last year, accusing the union of being involved in boycotting illegal groups. The UTA signed an agreement last month to drop the lawsuit.

The WGA West Board merged Verve, the first notable organization to move away from its competitors and sign the WGA Code of Conduct.

“Working with the Verve Guild, we are moving towards establishing a streamlined reporting system,” the message noted. “Reports in the data stream include: invoice; author received verve payment on behalf of clients with due date; invoice for past reasons; information on how author compensation is commissioned; and author summaries through verve discussions.”

The WGA also said that its employees have referred more than 130 cases to the law department for compensation or interest. It added that the department had made a number of significant deals with the agent’s late-salary, including paying about ,000 13,000, ,500 10,500 and ,500 5,500 for individual feature writers, as well as about ,000 9,000 in interest for a group of pilot writers. Was.

“Sharing agency information has already created invaluable perspectives on stock-up enforcement efforts, a tasty claims process, and studios compensation procedures.” “We can make that progress through continued cooperation with our organization’s partners.”

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