September 20, 2021


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‘What happened to Baby Jane?’ Home is Hancock Park Mansion

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Is there a moment in the history of cinema that is more terribly camping than Betty Davis, an elderly “Baby Jane” playing Hudson, dressed as an adult little girl, with curls and big bow hair, manually singing “I wrote a letter to Dad” while looking at myself in the mirror “What Happened to Baby Jane?” The 1922 infamous psychological horror film is full of similarly annoying moments. Truth be told, against the backdrop of a huge courtyard that once included silent film star Rudolf Valentino. In real life, Pad doesn’t have much of a celebrity lineage, but “What happened to Baby Jane?” Hollywood has secured its place in the history of history.

Located at 172 S. Macaden Pl. In the rich Hancock Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the handsome pad shakes the tongue in mid-November. A three-day estate sale The feature of jewelry, china and artwork was held in the premises. (Although no Baby Jane Hudson dolls were available, there were plenty of equally-scary Moppets in hand.) And just last week, when it came on the market for the first time in 48 years, the residence made history again! (It was last sold in September 1972 for 90,000.) Originally built in 1928, the property is offering Ari Afshar of Compass t for just one child under 3.8 million.

Former child star Jane holds her paralyzed sister, the film’s legend Blanc Hudson (Joan Crawford), captive in the Mediterranean-style estate. Although nominated for box office success and a five-time Academy Award, “What Happened to Baby Jane?” Probably best known for going behind the scenes, which was the famous remake of Ryan Murphy’s 2017 FX series “Communal: Betty and Joan”. Filled with excitement over the controversial relationship between the two top women, not to mention their relentless diva-ish behavior, the off-camera incident has turned into a legendary stuff and helped the movie achieve cult classic status.

“What happened to Baby Jane?” For more dirt of the house, click Gallery.

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