March 29, 2023


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What is the acceptability of a thoughtful audience – different

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Engaging with visitors in the current weather can be a daunting task.

During the second episode Diversity Marketing officials from HBO Max, Facebook, Fox Entertainment and PWC spoke to the Streaming Room weekly series “Restarting the Entertainment Industry.” Diversity Among the panel members on how their companies have reached audiences during this time are veteran TV writer Elaine Lowe, panel members Katie Sue, veteran VP and head of HBO Max’s Growth Marketing Division, Jennifer Howard, Facebook’s Entertainment, Technology and Connections Group Director Conference Senior VP and Marketing Lori Driscall Ant He was bhukta. And principal of sales conversion at PWC

“Creativity and resilience are becoming a spade,” said Driscoll of PWC. “The tone of the campaign has become more value-oriented and purpose-oriented. We focus on promotion and programming for sensitive connections. “

Soo echoed this sentiment, adding that the sense of truth has become a driving force behind the HBO Max streaming campaign launched on May 27th.

“The only way to be able to manage this kind of environment is to be smart, to be authentic, to be able to run your campaigns in a real sense,” Sue said. “We are really lucky that the whole thesis of the campaign was already very warm and nostalgic. We don’t have to change a ton. What we did was have some ideas that were around our watch party, livestreaming, getting content in front of our fans and being able to deliver that content to the homes of people who wanted this comfort. “

The coronavirus epidemic was able to bring about a massive change in consumer behavior, executives noted, with listeners leaning towards livestream and strip back, personal content. Howard said that in March alone, Facebook itself increased the number of live broadcasts by 50% and the use of Facebook Watch doubled. Howard attributed the increase to new, related content on the platform, such as coronavirus-specific episodes of “The Beavers Watch” and “Red Table Talk.”

“I think a big part of the driving force of what we see on the watch is the new content that has come out, some of which have directly responded to the epidemic,” Howard said. “The true nature of what is being produced is that the use of what we see is really driving.”

At the end of Fox, the success of the “iHeart Living Room Concert for America” ​​offers latitude opportunities in the kind of content that airs, such as having to read charity and cooking demos with “master chef” stars for the table, Wahetera said.

“I appreciate taking the risk – I think I have some idea that you can try something different right now,” he said. “Being able to take advantage of things that don’t work under different constructs can be something that I hope will stay close.”

After the Carnavirus epidemic is over, executives are hoping it will be almost settled: listeners.

“I think free has become an important part of the business model to help people spend time in need right now.” “We all need to determine how long-term loyalty will come out of it.”

See the full seminar below:

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