March 29, 2023


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What to expect in the final unmasking – Variety

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Talk about Pristian: “The Masked Singer” before the mask cooled down … or was compulsorily about the cover. “If you’re a celebrity, this is the safest show,” executive producer Craig Pleistis asked. “We give you masks. The tagline we’re using is a little bit: Protect your identity and your health. “

Now, Season 3 of “The Masked Singer” has ended with two-night finals, such as Tuesday and Wednesday nights, before the season starts again in February, the world is in a much different place than that.

“I think the masked singer enjoyed the storm of this epidemic but kept America somewhat together,” Palestine told Variety. “I truly believe that the masked singer had this break for an hour in the midst of the injuries everyone is going through. At the moment we can bond with everyone in the house right now. And forget the hassles and just smile and guess. “

“Masked Singer” also benefited from shots and productions earlier this year, giving producers the opportunity to broadcast an in-studio showcase with actual studio viewers until the very end. Pleistis credits the show with a desire to keep things secret – which means tapping the show quickly.

“Because it’s a top secret event, we really try to get a little bit ahead of it and bank them,” he said. “Because the security part of the show is so long. So, we try to take some time off to make sure we’ve done them right and that we’ve got that protection in place. So we can save the game for everyone. “

In editing, however, in recent weeks Plastis and producers have been able to provide timely references via voiceover. Since the contestants are in masks, their voice-overs can be switched directly to the air. Last week, for example, Knight Angel made a joke about looking for toilet paper – something that wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar in January.

“We have some flexibility in telling the stories of our competitors,” he says.

The final celebrity will be unveiled on Wednesday, but first, Tuesday night’s “On the Way to the Finals” special has taken another look at the season and will feature a few new elements to the Warwick “What’s Needed Now Around the World” song with three finalists.

“It was done after we wrapped up the taping work,” Pleistis said of the performance, dedicated to the Capid-19 staff and first responders. “So we go out and ask them if they do this song and do some tribute video. They all responded immediately. This is a really strong song. As well as fresh content on our Tuesday show, something no one has ever seen. Very good when we can give something back. “

On Tuesday, Plastis teased footage that was never seen, as well as final formulas that “if you pay attention you can figure it out. We want to make sure we give them every possible chance. And then in the finals, all the songs that our competitors do It’s awesome. It’s bigger than life. It’s one of the best hours of television this year. I was at a height throughout the editing process, it was just a great hour of television, and I think America would be very happy with how it unfolded.

It has run high enough for “The Muscat Singer” in the winter and spring, starting very easily with the post-premiere of the Super-Bowl which has easily become its most watched episode so far, with an average of 223.7 million viewers aged 18. -49 has a 6.1 rating.

The episode opens with the unmasking of one of the most high-profile celebrities in the show’s early history: hip-hop superstar Lil Wayne. “Trust me, I wanted Lil Wayne to be completely finished,” Pleistis said. “It was a bit heartbreaking, but sometimes, it just happens when Pasha rolls, the audience votes … a few of the songs he planned turned out to be awesome. And more, he has such a great outfit. I love that robot. I wanted to see it again. . “

After Wayne, unmasked celebrities this season include Drew Kerry, Chaka Khan, Tony Hawk, Dion Warwick, Tom Bergern, Sarah Palin, Bella Thorne, JoJo Siva, Rob Gronkowski, Jordin Woods, Brett Michaels, Hunter Hayes, Jackie E. Barry wins. It is left with only three left: the Turtle, the Frog and the Knight Angel.

Palin in particular was a bit polarized. But Pleistis says he doesn’t want to be political: “He really wanted to show himself in a different light and have fun on stage without knowing who he was,” he says. “I think he did an incredible job with his songs. He wrote a great note to the crew and all the producers, ‘I was a little scared to come to Hollywood and expect some reaction but I was confronted and everyone treated me with utmost respect.’ ‘Masked Singer’ is People can get together here and have some fun and play great guessing games and not feel the weight of the world on them.

“Since he was willing to do it, and he just had a very free mind, it wasn’t wise in this respect,” he said. “But we will always be very careful about who goes on stage.”

The next key is to press “The Masked Singer” to promote this fall, but Pleistis says it’s too soon to discuss the logistics of when it could be a film. “Right now, we’re in the early stages of pre-production,” he says. “At this point I don’t have much to express. We’re designing clothing. I can tell you that there are some incredible ground breaking ideas that we haven’t seen in America yet that we’re trying to do and there are some designs that no one has ever done before us. has [around the world]. So we’re really excited to bring these to life and beyond that I can’t say anything more about formatting etc. at an early stage. “

Pleistis, meanwhile, says the announced spin-off of “Masked Dancer” is a “holding pattern” as Fox and producers focus on finding ways to continue the fourth season of “Masked Singer.”

Also late: the “The Masked Singer” tour, which was supposed to take place this summer, has now been pushed to 2021.

“I think it sold out a lot,” Pleistis says. “It’ll come back at a better time, so we’re excited when it comes back.”

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