March 25, 2023


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Why ‘Hamilton’ is not eligible for Oscar nomination – different

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“Hamilton” won 11 Tennis, a Pulitzer and a Grammy, and the illustrated version of Disney Plus was discussed on social media on the weekend of July 4th – but it won’t get an Oscar.

Disney had planned a stage play in October 2021 before launching its streaming service early, but that was not enough to qualify for the Oscars. Although eligibility rules were amended in April to allow films to compete with planned theatrical releases, according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, “record-level productions are not suitable for consideration.”

A recording of the same name “Hell, Harry” for Best Actor Oscar for James Whitmore on 19 Give6, in 1997 when the language was added to the documentary section, the rules were changed to disqualified record stage performance.

Disney still has plenty to celebrate the release at Disney Plast.

The app, which premiered at the movie’s Disney Plus streaming service on Friday, Friday, July 3, has been downloaded 752,451 times worldwide, including 458,796 times in the United States, according to Aptopia.

In early May, just six months after the launch of Disney Plus, there were 54.5 million subscribers worldwide. In the United States, 99.699 per month or per year for the streaming service. The cost is 69.99.

“Hamilton” stars Lynn-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., David Diggs, Renee Ellis Goldberry, Jonathan Grof, Christopher Jackson, Jasmine Sifas Jones, O’Keefe Onadowan, Anthony Ramos. It was directed by Thomas Kyle.

Several performances from the “Hamilton” stage musical were used for the film.

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