March 29, 2023


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Why I had to go to Minneapolis to protest – diversity

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I had to go to Minneapolis. I need to be right there at 38th Street and Chicago where George Floyd’s life was sadly stolen from him. I needed to see the people in that community – how much they loved their community and their people, and how much it hurt. Anger and hurt – we feel pain all over the world. These visuals will never be removed from our minds.

We are in the midst of an epidemic and instead of coming together and working as one humanity, people fall for it and want to concentrate on an old mindset of classification and racism. It no longer exists. People are looking for a new commoner. I don’t want to go back to our old routine – obviously it killed us on many levels.

All we need is a new common, a new paradigm.

I want us to focus on the abolition of our humanitarian and racist systems that do not require perpetual crime against discrimination and racial communities across our country. We all need to destroy the systems in which this country was built.

This is why so many people misunderstand racism and think ‘Oh no, I’m not racist.’ But if you support this system, you support racism. If you don’t take action and say that this system has gone wrong year after year – from the war on drugs to the criminalization of black-men in general from schools to prison pipelines to prison industrial complexes – this is a form of modern day slavery. There are more black people in prison today than when slavery was done [in the 19th century]. These are ideas that people ignore every day. Unfortunately it takes things like George Floyd to tell people that ‘I didn’t know it. It didn’t hit my feed. It was not part of our daily conversation. ’

If we want to talk about what the solutions are, it has to be a complete reform of policing in general, not just a police department. I think it started by removing the word “police”. Why be a police officer when you can be a peace officer? When you see a police officer, you should feel safe. They are supposed to protect you. My kids are afraid of police officers. In their minds, they are bad boys.

This is obviously the problem. What happened to George Floyd has been going on for years. Now technology has given us one more freedom – to be the first to see what’s going on. Now that we can see it we have been able to hold them accountable. From excessive force to murder – whatever we see, we have to hold them accountable – with the so-called good police standing up to allow it to happen. A bad cop is not acting alone. There are several more bad cops that let that person do what they are doing.

I find signs of hope in both Minneapolis and St. Paul mayors. Seeing their immediate response with care and compassion was the right thing to do I saw a lot of pain and frustration in their law enforcement. Staying in Chicago on the 38th and seeing people crying at the memorial – it was more than a disappointment. They think something like this will happen in Minneapolis. But it did. This is America. If it could happen in Minneapolis, it could happen in Georgia and it could happen in Los Angeles and it could happen in New York.

The same thing that forced me to go to Minneapolis helped me get to and from Ferguson Charlottesville And to study crime at Cook County and Washington, D.C. Prison, and Howard University. I didn’t want to tweet or be any more celebrity reposting A picture. I want to be authentic and educated and informed. I have to go.

As Cynthia Littleton has been told

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