September 22, 2021


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Why is the Grammy 2021 album of the year category better than normal?

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Each year, Grammy nominations inspire criticism and headaches – and the nominees for the January 31, 2021 show are no different. As usual, there are dazzling nodes (Coldplay for the album of the year? Really?) And Snubs leaves us asking “But what about?” …? ” (Poor kids) This year, though, in the post-George Floyd world where Black Lives Matter has moved beyond the realm of religion, most of us probably didn’t expect to notice a shortage of black talent in any major department.

The recording academy went on a rampage last year because the racists imposed on them by Kanye West and Beyonc ভ fans in recent years did not deserve racist accusations. It even removed the word “urban” from the names of all its categories, as music, they decided, should not be labeled with ethnic titles. It was a good call, but many of us wondered if it was all … so-called performance activism. Instead of naming categories, will they go further and start recognizing more black talent in major races (albums, records and songs of the year and best new artists) instead of just spreading the bulk of them? Who changed the name of the “city” section?

A glance at the nominees for the Rd3rd Annual Grammy Awards shows that not much has changed in reality. The best album of the year lacks Krishna talent, it features the voices of two of the eight nominated candidates. Along with Coldplay, Taylor Swift, Post Malone, Dua Lipa, Haim and Jacob Colia, the lineage singer Jhine Iko was nominated for her third album, “Chilombo”, and this black pumas featuring black vocalist Eric Burton was nominated for their self-titled first title. .

The second was originally released during the previous Grammy qualification period and earned Black Pumas the nomination for Best New Artist last year. Speaking of last year, three of the eight nominated albums of 2019 were recorded by black talent. Last year this number was five. Why are they going so far astray? Herbie Hancock was the latest black artist to win this year’s album for “River: The Johnny Letters” in 200 Black, followed by Adele and Taylor Swift’s (“Folklore”) current album twice. 2021 Grammy black singers are less likely to reverse the lost trend.

Can this really be a recording academy? Is there any other album by black artists that deserves to be rewarded as an expanded version of the album released in mid-2019? About The Weekend, the previous Grammy favorite (10 nominations, three wins) whose “Blind Lights” is one of the most inevitable singles of 2020? His fourth album, “After Hours”, was critically acclaimed and commercially successful, earning him two MTV video music awards in August. It should have been his Grammy cycle.

Still, the weekend went with zero nominations, as “Hour of Hours” became the first album since “Kiss Land” after its debut in 2013 for not getting its rural love. Other commercially and / or critically successful albums released by Black Artists during the 2020 qualifying period and surpassing the album of the year include Kehlani’s “It Was Good Until It Happened” by Chloe X Hall’s Secular Hour, “Brandy’s B7” (Coldplace’s “Daily Five points higher than “Life”, an experienced veteran publication with 786 metacritic ratings), Jadakis’s “Ignatius”, Stormzie’s “Heavy is the Head,” and Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist’s best rap album nominee “Alfredo” an intense 88 rating. .

The 36-year-old rapper and the 43-year-old DJ will compete for the best rap album in a category where the average age of the six nominees is 42 years. Also in the competition are Nass, 447, the iconic rapper, who received 14 nominations (no wins), in their 13 rap categories. With the release of HI 2020, “King’s Disease” he could finally be shot sitting at the fourth table of Grammys. Yet it was only nominated for Best Rap Rap Album, a category that no longer qualifies as an adjuster (at least not this year) but again overloaded with testosterone, meaning there was no room for Megan Thee Stalion’s “Suga” EP. .

None of the nominees for the best rap album are competing for the album of the year, so regardless of who took the gong, for the second time in a row it was not considered the biggest award winner of the most popular music genre. Tyler Creator, the winner of his 2012 album “Igor,” criticized the recording academy for not citing the album of the year, and the ghetto-icing of the black music form continues despite measures to distance the villagers from racists. The effect of “urban”.

The problem though is not really with the word “city”. It’s padding the villagers with sections of “black” performers, whatever their name may be. What does “best melodic rap performance” mean? The recording academy is supposed to be located as these categories are included, but in the end, they only give space to music spread by black artists so that they can ignore them in the majors.

Grammy classification by race actually works both ways. Justin Bieber received four nominations this year, three of which he made for his “Change” album, and after announcing the nomination, he posted on Instagram that it seemed “weird” that it was “not recognized as an R&B album.” Bieber has a point. “Changes” certainly has a strong R&B flavor, and it’s hard to imagine it could transform into any pop category if it were recorded by a black artist.

The recording academy has welcomed Binner to the country divisions with his “10,000 Hours”, Best Country Pair / Group Performance in collaboration with Dan + Shy, and he’s not the only Grammy surprise in this genre. Mickey Gayton became the first country woman to be named the country’s best female vocalist for her country’s single “Black Like My” since the Pinter Sisters won two country accolades for Best Country Voice (and a win for “Story”). Edited by two or more groups in the mid-decade. Like Black Pumas ’record of the year,“ Color, ”“ Black Like Me ”is a musical book of racist identity, and like“ Colors, ”it was not recognized in the lyric categories. Does that mean the recording academy wasn’t really listening?

Guyton is unlikely to win a race featuring tough competition from Eric Church, Vince Gill and Miranda Lambert. His nomination will be his award, and so will the Recording Academy. These can be seen even if they are not quite awake, at least staying awake. Too bad that in the biggest segment of all, where they could be a real driving force in an industry that has historically failed to give black performers their proper performance, rural voters are still asleep on wheels.

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