October 25, 2021


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Will Jamie Spears face criminal charges? Britney Spears lawyer answers

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After 13 years in charge of her daughter’s life, Britney Spears’ father has been fired for her conservatism. But the pop star’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, is still promising a full investigation into Jamie Spears’ behavior.

“Jamie Spears and others are facing more serious consequences for her misconduct,” Rosengart said during a brief news conference Wednesday, after which Spears’ father was suspended.

“I said at the outset that I and my organization Jamie Spears and her representatives are going to see from top to bottom what they have done here,” Rosengart added. “It’s already in process, and will continue to do so until it can possibly get Britney justice.”

Rosengert Spears’ father declined to comment on whether he was guilty of criminal misconduct. But, he told reporters and fans that he suspected law enforcement would “strictly monitor” recent allegations that the singer’s father was behind a secret surveillance operation at his famous daughter’s home, ransacked her bedroom and tracked her phone, unknowingly.

If true, those claims could qualify as criminal activity, because California, where Spears’ home is located, is a bipartisan consent state.

“I used to work in the judiciary. I don’t anymore. “I don’t have that kind of power,” Rosengart, a former federal prosecutor, said Wednesday afternoon outside the Los Angeles Superior Courthouse. “But I suspect law enforcement – and it’s law enforcement’s decision, not mine – will take a hard look at what the Times has published and reported.”

Last weekend, The New York Times published its second documentary, “Controlling Britney Spears,” which uncovered explosive allegations that Spears had been the victim of electronic surveillance. The results of the publication include that Spears ‘father rented a firm called Black Box Security, which planted a bug in Spears’ home, and contained private conversations between his children, boyfriends and mentors. According to Doc, Spears’ father paid the security firm with funds from his daughter’s estate as the custodian of his organization. Alex Vlasov, a former Black Box employee, provided the Times with extensive evidence and materials to support the allegations.

In court Wednesday, Rosengert told the judge that Spears’ father “had planned and planned to put a hearing aid in my client’s bedroom.” Rosengart also praised Vlasov as a “whistle blower.” (Vivian Thorin, a lawyer for Veteran Spears, told Judge Brenda Penny, “We’ve looked into the matter. We disagree with the allegations,” but he did not elaborate.)

Speaking outside the courthouse on Wednesday, Rosengart told the crowd that he believed Thorin was fighting aggressively to dismiss the saver instead of dismissing his client – because the termination could effectively free Spears’ father from any possible wrongdoing.

With the moratorium, Spears ‘father is now under the law, forced to hand over his files to Spears’ new, short-term conservatives. (Accountant John Jabel is taking temporary control of the estate until further steps are determined, although Rosengart expects the conservatism to be completely shut down at the next hearing on November 12.)

Rosengert told the crowd that the files were being returned because of attorney-client communication between Spears’ father and his lawyers.

When it comes to getting an ear under Britney Spears bed and putting on hearing aids, we’re not just a lawyer, Mr. I am going to ask a question about the Spears representatives, what did they know and when did they know? Her bedroom, ”Rosengart said. “Something is very, very worrying. This is something that is for law enforcement, and not me, to make the final decision, but my agency will look into it.

He continued, “Attorney-client communication between Mr. Spears on the one hand and his attorneys on the other, I believe, will expose corruption … and this is something we strongly look forward to seeing.”

A reporter also asked Rosengart about the rest of the Spears family, but he declined to comment. In June, when the singer testified, he told Judge Penny that he wanted to “sue” his entire family and believed his conservatives should be in jail.

“Of course there is something to celebrate, but it’s also a glorious day,” Rosengert said Wednesday. “Britney Spears has faced a decade-long nightmare, a Kafkesk nightmare, arranged by her parents and others.”

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