October 23, 2021


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Women’s Power 2021: LA-based music executives are making an impact

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As the summer of 2021 drew to a close, the music world was expected to return to something “normal”: vaccines were available, tours were being rescheduled, and people were eager to return to the office in September. Of course, life has not returned to that level of normalcy, and the women on this list fought for ways to keep the entertainment business thriving, through online innovation, launching compulsory content on any and all viewing platforms, making artists champions and new voice hierarchies.

Diversity Again celebrating these women and their impact on their entertainment business, while acknowledging that the last 12 months were still a dynamic time for showbiz. The ongoing coronavirus epidemic has accelerated change, disrupting business models and personal lives. Still, LA-based women have found ways to innovate on this list, and many are optimistic about the future.

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Claudia Butzaki – Received 2021
Courtesy Claudia Butzki

Senior Vice President, Global Brand Partnerships and Sync Licensing, Warner Records

Less than two years after Batzky joined Warner, his big brand partnerships, activation and campaigning have included Dua Lipper National Lee’s commercials; Green Day’s NFL Honors Showcase; Sweetie’s NASCAR, Jack Daniels, Sprite and HP partners; And a Baby Rexa campaign with Walgreen that came together impressively in eight days. But it is behind the scenes that Batzaki fears himself the most. “I’ve put my dream team together at Warner,” he says. “And the bonds, the work relationships, and the drive to win overall can’t be strong. Through the epidemic we have been able to do new things the way we do. ”

Do you end your career on vacation? “Never! Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. It lets me think outside the box to include new music in the music. Brands are around us all the time. ”

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Kelly Clarkson Show – Season: 3 – Photo: Kelly Clarkson – (Photo: Carter Smith / NBC Universal)
Courtesy of Carter Smith / NBC Universal

Singer, talk show host, “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

An icon since winning the first season of “American Idol” in 2002, Clarkson has moved on to the season into his aponimus show, which recently won a Daytime Emmy for the Tuckers (for the second year in a row) and arrested one for the Clarkson host. Has done. Clarkson’s hit Yakar will take over the slot “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” next fall. Clarkson joined NBC’s “The Voice” full time in his 14th season and coached three winning contestants, including the youngest female winner.

Challenges ahead: “The challenge of life in any industry is but the beauty of life also changes,” Clarkson said. “I like change. I like progress and innovation. I think the epidemic has really shown us what we can do and where we need to show more gratitude, and get the industry back on track instead of money, especially in the entertainment industry.

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Felicia Fant – 2021 Received
Courtesy Felicia Fant

Head of Urban, Columbia Records

As the urban head of Columbia Records, Fant’s hard work in praising artists, including Lil Nass X, 24K Golden and Kid Laroi, has certainly paid off this year. What’s more, Fant works to include activism in his artists ’campaigns, as Nass raised funds for the bailout project through his“ Industry Baby ”music video.

Hope for the future: Fant tries for continued diversity in the industry. “Music is not singular, so to achieve the best results we must build alliances across the spectrum.”

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Jody Garson
Courtesy of Michael Fulton

Chairman, CEO, Universal Music Publishing Group

Since Garson’s arrival at UMPG in 2015, the company has seen a 76% increase in revenue, making it a billion-dollar business. Over the past two years, Garson has signed and expanded contracts with Mark lyricists such as Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar and Brandy Carlyle, and he has made music documentaries on executives Bee Geese, Mary J. Blizz and Woodstock. This year, Garson will lead UMPG through UMG’s IPO, the largest in the history of music, while leading the company’s global growth.
The main market.

Is the holiday time really short? “I check my emails and keep in touch with the office, but I promise I’ll be comfortable. I love my job and the people I work with, so the reason I didn’t get completely disconnected came from the right place.

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Courtesy of Celine Joshua

Exec VP, Commercial Innovation & Artist Strategy, UMG

Joshua’s technology-savvy leadership has put UMG at the crossroads of music and technology, increasing the company’s revenue. Over the past year, the NFT project and digital marketplaces through USMG-led UMG blockchain-related initiatives have established a strong connection between fans and artists. Both a beginner and an innovator, he has been instrumental in increasing subscription revenue, user-generated content and e-commerce for UMG.

What’s in front: “The continued growth of digital products and decentralized marketplaces represents a huge opportunity for the entertainment industry. The challenge will be how to quickly respond to new technologies and this crucial community.”

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Lawyer Dina Lapolt photographed March 10, 2020 in Los Angeles
Nicole Bisek for diversity

Founder, Lapolt Law

Lapolt’s advocacy took on major music industry challenges this past year. He established his great talent and connections to push for the inclusion of non-corporate entities and individuals in the Careers Act and the Federal Covid Relief Act packages of the Heroes Act. LaPolt has also helped create musiccovidrelief.com, which is ready to help music producers and independent contractors apply for coronavirus relief federal aid. In addition, as a member of the North American Lyricists Board, he helped establish a support fund, which provided emergency grants to lyricists facing economic hardship.

What’s next: “Trying to bring touring and live events back in a safe way where tour workers are safe and they don’t have to be super-spreader events.”

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Carian Marshall – Received 2021
Courtesy of Jonathan Weiner

Co-Chair, COO, Warner Chapel Music

Marshall turned the epidemic positive for music makers at WCM. Along with his co-chair and CEO, Guy Mutt, he established a revenue stream through licensing songs for virtual concerts, fitness apps and video games, resulting in a 21% year-over-year increase in revenue. Marshall also played a key role in breaking the silo and reorganizing teams to promote the publisher’s new global business strategy, increase cooperation and transparency.

Finding personal time: “It has become increasingly difficult to find time to sit and read a book or watch a show. I love that I can listen to an audiobook when I walk, when I wash dishes, or whenever I need a quick break.

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Berkeley Reinhold – 2021 Received
Courtesy of Reinhold to Berkeley

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Chelsea Gavin – 2021 has got the influence of women
Courtesy Chelsea Gavin

Senior Director of Marketing, Electric Feel Entertainment

Gavin says he is “most proud of the electric feeling of working together as a team” to develop management clients 24kGoldn and Iann Dior with “Mood”, as well as publisher client Omar Fedi and management / publishing client Blake Slatkin. “It was such an exciting year for the company, despite all the challenges we faced with Covid,” Gavin notes. The key to his success, he says, is to immerse himself in every step of the creative process before being released. Gavin tries to “bring back more authenticity to the artist’s discovery”.

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Courtesy of Cobalt Music

Jamie Kinelsky VP, Creative

Jill Tschogl VP, Creative

Assists in signing and nurturing top lyricists as part of the roster, including Andrew Watt, Phineas and Max Martin. This year’s highlights include the signing of Erica Badu in the Global Administrator Agreement and the 2016 signing of Kali Uchis at number one on Billboard’s Hot Latin charts, including “Telepetia”. Kinelsky said his favorite part of the job is discovery. For both parties, it is their combination that makes things run smoothly. “We share the same passion for music and drive to close the deal,” Tschogl said, appreciating Kinelsky’s advice to his partner, adding: “She keeps smiling at me every day!”

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Sara Scotch – Accepted 2021
Courtesy Sara Scotch

Music Brand Partnership Agent, UTA

Not to mention that travel and live events were off for another year, with Nashville-based agents bringing artists and fans together in a virtual space. The first live performance of Dominic Fike’s debut album took place on an enhanced-reality (XR) platform for Fortnite’s more than 350 million registered users. Jason Derulo’s partnership with Jack in the Box benefits its millions of tick-tock fans, bringing a version of his “Milli Food” to the chain’s virtual restaurant space. “Adversity gives us the opportunity to innovate,” Shoch says. “I’m thrilled to see how the new format we’ve created with the return of live music will enhance traditional theatrical shows.”

Inconsistent hero? “Every member of our music brand partnership team. I don’t think we could have survived the last two years without each other. ”

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