October 25, 2021


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Wonder + Kids Podcast Subscription Service Launched (Podcast Roundup)

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In today’s podcast news roundup, Wandari has launched a subscription service for kids; Alice Cooper and Eddie Vedder join the melodic “Words + Music” series; OWN has launched the podcast “The Sonrise Project” for black parents and families of children struggling with depression; And more.


Amazon Surprise On Wonder Plus Children Apple Podcast, a premium, ad-free subscription podcast service for 4.99 / month. The service provides initial access to new episodes and exclusive access to selected episodes of their favorite shows. Wondari Plus Kids subscribers will have access to a new show from Wandari Original “Little Stories Everywhere,” “Imagine Life Family” and Oct. October, “Mellons House Party”. The service features the popular Tinkercast original podcast “Wow in the World”, a journey of science, technology and cool new stories of innovation hosted by Guy Raj and Mindy Thomas, as well as Tinkercast’s “Who, When Wow!” (September 2)) and “Flip and Mozi’s Guide to How to Be Earthly” (November 11). Also, the podcast series “Story” at Wonder Plus Kids, a bedtime story show for kids of all ages, as well as “Grandma for the President”, “Highlights Mystery Theater,” “The Jungle Book: The Mowgli” Story, and Jamie Lee Curtis’s “Camp.” Letter from “


Own: Oprah Winfrey Network Launched on September 2, the first three episodes of “The Sonrise Project”, a weekly podcast that is a resource for black parents and families to share personal experiences with children struggling with depression, anxiety and addiction problems. The podcast is an extension of Kelly Richardson Lawson’s “The Sonrise Project”, an online space she created for parents of children struggling with mental illness that was inspired by her personal experience of addiction and frustration with her family’s son. “The Sonrise Project” presents the team behind Oprah’s “Super Soul” podcast and is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, Stitcher, Sirius XM, iHart Radio and Amazon Music.

Dan Abrams’ Law and crime Live Trial and True-Crime Network premiered a new spinoff podcast hosted by the team behind “They’re Walking in Us.” New show, “They are walking in America” The premiere is on September 28th. State. Podcasts are distributed and monetized by Acast, available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, lawandcrime.com and other major audio platforms.

Alice Cooper And Eddie Vader The latest artists to join AudibleIts “sound + music” slate. Cooper’s project, “Who I Really Am: The Diary of a Vampire”, is set to launch on Thursday, October. Cooper lives the unexpected hunter of the legendary Shambolic good times on a sunset strip where only vampires hide. In Weather’s project, “I Am Mine,” the premiere of Thursday, October 21, Pearl Jam dives deep into the frontman art, sensitivity, masculinity, and a reflection of life in an age that has defined pop / rock-super stardom.

Audible Will exclusively release new audio adventures JK Rowling, “Christmas pig,Tuesday, October 12. The story is described as a heartbreaking adventure about a child’s love for his most precious thing and how far he can go to find it.

Veteran journalist Soledad O’Brien Host “POC is on the rise“On Audible, Premiering October 7 .. In a six-interview podcast series, enlightened people of different races discuss their self-racialization, racial identity formation, and journey towards racism.

Comedian and writer Scott Ackerman Is grouped with Acast “Comedy Bang! Bang! World,” a slate of premium podcast programming, launching in October 1. 1. Powered by Acast, the programming will be available on all major podcast players and apps. Listeners can sign up to comedybangbangbangworld.com for two different subscription plans. Depending on the different programming and benefits: $ 4 / month Legacy Tear or $ 7 / month Maximus. Customers will have exclusive access to new comedy series, ad-free listening, full back-catalog episodes of the popular “Comedy Bang”. ! ”Podcasts and other shows.“ Comedy Bang! Bang! World ”is co-founded by Brett Morris, who will be the programming executive alongside Ackerman. -Supported episodes will continue to be distributed! Bang! ”Free podcast for listeners.

Business Magazine Economist On September 2, a new eight-episode podcast examining how to tackle climate change has been launched “to a lesser degree.” The series is hosted by The Economist’s Global Energy and Climate-Innovation Editor Vijay Baitheswaran, who will be joining weekly to slow down global warming – from agriculture, to transportation – everything must be changed by expert guests.

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