September 22, 2021


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Work-It star Jordan Fisher talks to Netflix Movie and Donald Glover

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Jordan Fisher is thrilled to see the poster for his upcoming Netflix comedy “Work It” because the cast is so diverse. Of the nine actors in the poster, seven are of color. “It literally ripped me apart,” the multi-ethnic actor said in this week’s episode of Variety and the iHart podcast “The Big Ticket.” “I like to see how America is made now.”

The movie premiered on the streamer today, starring Sabrina Carpenter as Queen, in the hopes of captivating a college admissions officer (Michelle Buteau) to form a dance troupe in time for the big championship competition. Quinn enlists a friend (Liza Koshi) to pull together a rainbow collection of amateur dancers. Fisher played Jake Taylor, a former dancer – his career ended after his ACL was torn – who helped shape the crew.

“Work It” marks Fisher’s second YA ROM-com with Netflix. In February, 26-year-old Alabama native John Ambrose McClaren sang “To All Boys: PS I Still Love You.” He has earned television credit for more than a decade and has starred in “Hamilton” as well as “Favorite Evan Hansen” on Brandway before the epidemic hit theaters. He shouted “Greece!” It also received critical acclaim for its work in live television productions! And “rent.”

Was there a time when you didn’t know how to dance, sing or act?

You may want to tell anyone in my life before I was 10, including my parents – I was obviously deaf. I couldn’t carry a note to save my life. I always thought I was fine. I was singing Whitney Houston in the car and doing the thing out of the jam and I don’t sound the way I heard it right now. Until one day, I woke up and according to my parents and friends they were like, “Suddenly you can sing.” At a young age I had a love for music. I had a love of dance and generally only art, film, television, but I didn’t know I wanted to follow it.

What happened?

I joined the drama club because there was a fifth grade girl that I had a crush on. It was “School Rock!” I sang “Attachment Junction”. One thing leads to another, and I join [the Red Mountain Theatre Company] And then joined the year-long conservative program. I got the error very tightly, very fast, and fell in love.

Who is your inspiration?

Donald Glover Everything he holds in his hand turns to gold. It’s real and it’s real. I have a handful of friends who have worked with him and they all say the same thing about him. They talk about how kind he is because of his stinginess and work ethic, how much he is respected in the industry. She is constantly moving and vibrating and so loves the music industry, very much in the film world. Writers and producers love him for what he did in “Community” and “Atlanta”. He’s got dynamic range for several days. He is a black man. She’s doing it and she loves it so much and can be so respectful and black.

Talk about it, because there was a time when men like you didn’t have to look for people like Donald Glover.

I think we’ve come a long way, but, God, do we still have a long way to go? I think at the end of the day, still, black voices are the most inspiring, but white voices are still the strongest. Not much change can happen until the white voice goes, “Huh. Maybe, if we were to do this?” And the water test.

Feel like getting a tweet or message on Instagram from a kid who looks “like me”?

There is nothing like it. I was a big fan of Chris Jackson, who starred in “In Heights,” and George Washington in “Hamilton.” We had a mutual friend who called her when I was 13 years old. I was a child in Birmingham. I just started my first trip to LA Here was a guy working on a show on Broadway that I liked who blended in. I was like, “I admire you so much for all these different reasons, but the one thing I love most about you is that you’re not even responsible – it’s that you look like me. You represent those of us who don’t know that. We can actually do what you’re doing. You’re doing it at a high level. That means the world. He can’t wait to have this conversation with you one day. “

This interview has been edited and organized. You can hear it in full above. You can find “The Big Ticket” on iHeartRadio or anywhere you listen to your favorite podcasts.

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