March 29, 2023


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‘X Factor’ Alam Travi Maran is a transgender woman – as a variety

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Former “X Factor” contestant Trevi Muran has emerged as a transgender woman.

Moran, who has 1.43 million subscribers on YouTube, posted a short video on the site today titled “Coming Out”. I am a woman. “In the video, he describes his journey so far in detail and announces a documentary about his transfer.

“Hey. My name is Trevi Muran. I’m a transgender woman,” Muran said in the video. “It’s a good start. I can’t believe I just said it out loud.”

Moran, 21, had previously appeared in public as a homosexual in 2015 and posted a video suggesting that he had questioned her identity as a Sgender man in 2017.

“I hit a rock in my journey in 2017 when I thought I was not a transgender because I thought people were pressuring me as a transgender. No, I had a lot of ghosts then ” eating disorder, a matter of confidence. I didn’t have time to come back then. “

Moron is documenting his relocation with plans to release footage as a documentary called “Travy: The Transition.” Previews of the series are also included in his upcoming video.

“I’ve been on hormones for two months. My brain is just everywhere, “Muran said.” I’m very hormonal, my ass is getting as fat as I mean and I’m having breast augmentation, and it hurts. I’m going through a lot right now, because I just want to be mine. “

Moran first attracted attention in 2012 as a contestant on “The X Factor” at the age of 13. He then became active on YouTube, expanding his platform as part of the affiliate channel “Our Second Life” and releasing original music. Over the past year, Moran has posted poor videos about alcoholism and his experience in rehabilitation for his subsequent rehabilitation.

Maran concludes the video with a note of encouragement from his followers: “If you ever get lost, don’t just go outside, go inside and find yourself because going out defeats the purpose of confusing yourself.”

Watch the full video below.

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