October 16, 2021


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Xavier Rebolo’s ‘Dance La Chambre du Sultan’: French, Spanish backing

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Natalie Trafford’s Paraiso Production Diffusion and Jerome Vidal’s Noodles in France and Roberto Rodriguez’s Alamidia and Luis Miaro’s Eddie Saita in Spain co-produced Javier Rebolo’s “Dance La Chambre du Sultan”.

Many valuable Spanish film directors, including Rebolo San Sebastian’s Best Director, won the Fipresi Award with “La Muzar Sin Piano” (The Woman Without a Piano) and “El Muerto y Sir Feliz” (“The Dead Man and Being Happy”). In the 2009 and 2012 editions of the festival.

Launched in Gabriel Vieira (pictured) by “Dance La Chambre du Sultan” (close to the Sultan), August and Louis Lumiেরre’s most gifted camera operator, who traveled to Morocco for three months in 1900, hired Abdul Aziz from Sultan Moule. He remained for life.

The cast also includes Vincent McGain (Louis Garrell’s “Two Friends”), Ingrid Garcia-Johnson (James Beauty’s “Beauty Youth”) and actor-composer Will Oldham (aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy). Riding a horse in revolution and singing in Arabic is a theme clearly written for the film, ”according to the producers.

“Like Weir, Xavier is a brave and curious man who knows how to keep life in art and many arts in life. Starting from this fascinating historical historical character in ‘Dance La Chamre du Sultan’, Xavier will shoot an anti-biopic. , ”Said Natalie Trafford of Paraiso Productions Diversity.

He adds: “The feature combines a wide variety of genres with admirable spontaneity and reverence, from Xavier’s literary films to porn and horror to melodrama.”

Trafford co-produced Manuel Nieto’s Cannes Directors for Night Player with “The Employer and the Employee,” which turned off Horizons Latinos in San Sebastian and posted a “duo” by Spanish director Mertixel Cole.

“For 20 years I have been following Gabriel Vieira, the famous yet unknown Lumiere operator, an interesting character who was both novelistic and real,” Rebolo said. He added: “Now, I have been able to search his life and archives in Paris, Lyon, Marrakech, Tangier, Rabat and Casablanca, to meet and learn from his heirs and, above all, I have been able to travel with Luis Bertollo, my assistant and co. -Author, where he lived and worked.

Shooting for “Dance La Chambre” is set to begin in May 2022. It will be fitted with a mm5mm lens in Morocco and will be shooting in Fez and Casablanca. Santiago Rakaz, a regular Rebolo associate, will serve as DP

Rebolo’s new feature is “related to all of his career due to his unquenchable, undiscussed love for the Seventh Art, but his fondness for the greatness and adventure of anti-heroes – such as’ Lola, ‘The Woman’ or ‘The Dead’ or Voyager,” Misaro said. Diversity.

Producer-director Miaro, who supported Ainhoa ​​Rodriguez’s “Mighty Flash”, appeared at the San Sebastian Made in Spain showcase, and directed “Love Me Not”, co-produced by Rebolo’s “The Dead Man and Being Happy”.

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